1978 Triumph Spitfire Restoration Project
Chassis Number: FM76072UO
Original Color: Carmine Red #82
(This project has been halted and since sold)

Well, Here is the next Spitfire that I am going to fix up.
This is a photo of the car when I went by to pick it up:


Well, at least all the parts are here and the body is in really good shape. There is no rust. The PO purchased the car to do a restoration on it but he never had the time to do it. He did, however, have enough time to strip the interior and purchase a lot of parts that he was going to use in the rebuild. Lots of new spare parts. :) The chassis number designates that this car should have come with an overdrive unit but it didn't. It instead had an old three-rail transmission installed. That will be removed, and an overdrive will be re-installed. This car will be secondary to my other spitfire restoration and so updates to this site may be infrequent but they will be done.