Previously Owned Triumphs / Parts Cars

During my time in this hobby, I have collected and disposed of several parts cars as well as working vehicles.  I wanted to have a location on my site which documented these past vehicles so there would be a record as to their fate.

Past Projects



1978 Spitfire - fm76072uo

I started working on this spitfire pretty much while I was still working on my green Spitfire - It was a mistake on two fronts.  First, I shouldn't have started another car so soon after finishing one.  Second, I should have worked on a different model.  There were no challenges working on this car and I lost interest.  A friend of mine bought this car unfinished from me and had it up and running in a couple of months.  It is now used by his daughter and is in very good hands.


Complete Cars sold onto other owners

1981 TR8  satpl4583ba404721

I bought this car to restore since it was a numbers correct 1981 Bordeaux Red TR8 - which I've wanted for a long time.  However, this car turned out to be a complete project with rust everywhere.  I found another TR8 for a good price so I sold this car off as a project.


1976 TR7 Victory Edition - acl032729uc

Picked this car up for a song - ended up not liking it so I quickly sold it on.  What interested me about it was that it was an original TR7 Victory Edition vehicle with the original (recalled because they would crack) wheels.  It was a Californian model with a single carb - this thing was anemic.


Past Parts Cars

1979 Spitfire fm97883u

Pulled out of 6ft weeds and parted out - the interior was alive - but it had an OD transmission.


1978 Spitfire  fm72840u

Pair of Spitfires parted out


1973 Dolomite 1850 - wf20926dla

Terminal rust caused me to junk this car.  I pulled and stored all usable parts (including the glass) for spares for my Dolomite Sprint.