Week 3: (October 17th 1998)

So, With the vehicle inspection out of the way, I can start to strip the car down. So, I did just that. I started with the interior by removing the seats. The slide mechanism for the seats was jammed so I could not get access to all the bolts that hold the seats down to the chassis. I solved this problem by squirting wd-40 into the roller mechanisms. With the seats out, I took out the carpets which were in really poor shape and so they went into the garbage. Next up is the dashboard. I removed the torn cardboard gloveboxes, steering wheel, wood dashboard, lights, gauges, and then the top dash cover. I have also taken the door panels off and the door handles/window handle mechanisms out and the top assembly. The interior is pretty much stripped (down to the metal)

Here are some photos of the interior before I stripped it: