Week 35: (May 30th 1999)

Well, I have taken the pedals back out, I have decided to use DOT 5 silicone based fluid in the brake and clutch to prevent paint loss. However, for longevities sake, I will apply a rubber coating to the top shelf where the master cylinders are installed. This will prevent the paint from peeling if something ever does happen to the system. My goal for this memorial day weekend was to get the car running. This included installing the gas tank, fuel pump, hoses, carb, ignition system and all of that jazz. Things seemed to go rather well and I got the car running. Timing was next and the car really humms now!!!

Lesson Learned: VENT THE FUEL TANK!!! I imploded my fuel tank, had a spare though thank god….


NAPA fuel filter & fuel pump installed in the rear trunk compartment. The yellow wire is +12 from the engine

Side shot w/ weber DGAV carb:

Side shot w/ ignition installed:

Front view of engine compartment, carb, hoses, ignition: