Week 27: June 17th 2001:

Crap, well if it isn’t one thing, it’s another.  Gene Thompson was over at the shop this afternoon and we went through the injection system to try and get the mixture right.  We went through the system, Gene hooked up his oscilloscope and things looked good.  The plugs were pretty fowled up and I pulled out the Bosch platinum plugs and replaced them with standard champion plugs.  The car ran much better but still very rich. We leaned the system out and *think* we got the mixture correct.  Then, the car started backfiring.  We never did figure that out, I sent an email off to Ted @ TSI (where I bought the engine from) for some advise.  Next problem, the hydraulic fluid in the clutch leaked out.  Don’t ask me how, I have no idea.  Needless to say that I drove from Bellevue back to the shop power shifting (that sucked).  Front brakes are now screwed as well.  Wicked shimmy and grating.  Will nothing ever work?  Add to that, the fact that the alternator, the wimpy 27amp POS that it is can’t handle the load and I can’t find a 66Amp unit anywhere for a reasonable amount of money.  While changing out the spark plugs, #1 and #3 cylinders have some oil splattering, I wonder where that is from?

Oil splattering:

Parked after my power shifting 20 miles..  At least it looks good: