Week 11: (December 12th 1998)

It is almost time to sandblast this car to clean all of the old paint off. In order to do this, I need to remove everything from this car (clips, steering column, gas tank, brake lines, hoses, heater, glass). Joe Curry and I also had some discussions this weekend about the overdrive transmission chassis mounting plate. Unfortunately, the 4-spd transmission plate is not useable for the overdrive. David Gates provided an excellent template for creating a new transmission chassis plate that I will fabricate for the installation:

Photos of the car this week:
Here is the front of the car with the heater and steering column removed:

Here is the trunk removed (but the gas tank is still installed, it’s full of gas, bummer)

While cleaning the car, Joe Curry and I noticed some stress fractures in the car. Here is a crack by the front left drivers side seat bolt. This will need to be repaired hopefully with a welder when the car is sand blasted.

Here is another fracture in the engine compartment (by the tranmission tunnel opening). This will also have to be fixed.