Week 14: (January 2nd 1999)

Well, after spending about three months taking the car apart, I am almost done. This week I finished up taking all the little things apart to clean and paint. This included taking the door glass hardware out of the doors, taking out the windscreen and the top chrome finisher, and removing the headlight assemblies from the hood. To protect the windscreen, I thought it best to install it in my other ’78 spitfire (didn’t come with one). Ahh, you ask, where did this other spitfire come from? Well, I bought it about two months ago for 500 dollars. Included a ton of brand new never used parts so I think it was a steal. There is not much more I can do to the body for a little while, or at least until things get a little warmer. I can’t paint when it’s 40 degrees in the shop. During the next month or so, I’ll rebuild the stearing rack, the rear brakes, replace the u-joints, etc. Stay tuned! It’ll get exciting.
Of course, here are the photos for the week:

Door with all the hardware removed:

The windscreen removed from the spitfire: