Week 34: February 22nd 2002:

A Trip to the Upholstery shop…

The TR7 has been in the Upholstery shop for about a month having a bunch of little things done.  First off, the mohair blue top has been installed – the shift boot cover modified for the supra transmission and the leather seats were redone with much better foams and a lumbar support has been added – It’ll make those long trips nicer (like the trip to Colorado).  I also have put on a set of TSW wheels – I think it gives the car a much nicer aggressive stance.  Enjoy!  Let me know what you think!  All of this work was done by Joe Rodia’s Eurosport Upholstery Shop in Seattle, WA – He was awesome – I highly recommend for anybody in the Seattle area – Update – Joe is no longer in business – I recommend Randy @ Accel Auto in Kirkland instead now.

Nice shot with the wheels:

Soft-top – After a lot of work, it fits rather nicely.  Ignore the shoddy seats – I put those in so I could continue to drive while the leather ones were being rebuilt:

Back view of the top: