Week 21: April 16th 2001:

I finished hooking up the engine wiring harness & transmission harness.  Reverse lights work!  I have 12v to the coil, starter etc… things are looking good.  I have put on the air hoses as well  as plumbed most of the smaller radiator hoses.  I’m waiting on the heater hoses from Rimmerbros.  I’ve made a bracket to install the AFM  (garbage thing but gives me the dimensions).  I’ll make a proper version during the week.  The throttle cable is in, the transmission cover plate has been made and installed.  I got the car back from the exhaust shop, the RH header is installed and looks GREAT.  They told me that I need to get the LH header modified and they showed me, It doesn’t run parallel to the car and once they fitted the exhaust, the pipe hit the transmission cross member.  I’ll get them to fix that once the car is running.  I got oil in the engine, I ran the oil pump to lube the system as well as check the oil pressure.  I’ve also now got the distributor installed and lightly bolted down.

Distributor installed:

Air hoses getting installed:

Throttle cable:

Transmission cover plate:  This was a custom job, the transmission came out in a different place.