Week 24: May 13th 2001:

Man, the car show up in Vancouver, BC is this coming Saturday, so, I’m pushing it.  The radio is now in, the battery has been secured, all the trim in the trunk has been installed and the interior is almost complete.  There are a few little odds and ends needed to be done (rear view mirror, some glass channel felt etc..
In the engine compartment, I have to finish aligning the hood, and I have got to get the mixture and timing right, it’s still not there.   I have an appointment to have the convertible top installed on Tuesday / Wednesday (he is squeezing me in so it might take a couple of days)

The car was just to darn loud!  So, I had the exhaust shop weld in some intermediate mufflers:

Headers re-worked to clear the supra transmission:

Complete underbody shot showing complete exhaust:

Shot of the trunk.  The WA license plate, I installed over the UK one.  You can see the two 10″ kickers I’ve got in the back.  I’m going to want to hear the music in this car.

AFM Mounting Bracket:

Hood prop is now installed on the opposite side:

Passenger side door & seat (notice the later style lock knobs have been installed):

Drivers side:

Center console w/ radio, switches, etc..