1979 Triumph TR7 Project

Chassis Number: TCT100307UF
Original Color: Platinum Silver.  This is a really nice color!

    I have always liked the look of the convertible TR7, the coupe.. well, let’s just say I didn’t.  Anyhow, I had the opportunity to get this TR7 because the engine blew oil (probably worn rings).  The body is in remarkable shape for a series of cars known for rust problems.  It has spent most of it’s life down in California which means no body rust.  However, all the rubber is shot.  (easier to replace rubber than metal).  I have several plans for this car.  First of all, I am replacing the engine with a rover V8 w/ fuel injection supplied by Ted at TSI.  I purchased a “TR8 Conversion Kit” from S&S Preparations in the UK.  Very nice guys to deal with and the kit is very comprehensive.  I have also purchased a complete interior trim kit from Rimmerbros, blue leather and a blue mohair top and boot cover.
    While the car is all stripped down and I’ve always wanted to do this… I am going to convert the car to RHD.  I purchased all the necessary components to do this from Robsport in the UK.  The transmission I plan on using is from Triumph Rover Spares, their Toyota Supra conversion.  The rear end will be changed to have a much better rear axle ratio.  I’m thinking of installing a modified ford rear end.

Here are some photos of the car made by the previous owner, he had a golf course in is front yard!