Chassis Stripdown

To evaluate the condition of my chassis and to start the rebuild process, it’s time to strip down the chassis and take a look at everything.   I started with the front suspension and then worked my way to the rear of the car.  I made up a spring compressor for the front suspension which worked really well and after everything was all stripped, I took a close look at the front lower wishbone mounts.  The PO had welded new ones on as well as the gussets for strengthening – but I don’t think it turned out very well.  I’m of the opinion I should cut them off and redo.

Chassis all up on jackstands:

Front left being taken apart:

Front left suspension all removed:

Caliper from front right removed:

Front Right suspension, Hub removed:

Custom spring compressor in place, ready to remove the spring

Spring removed, upper a-arms removed:

Rear differential removed:

Front right lower rear wishbone mount.  this one concerns me the most since the smaller of the two reinforcing plates has been cut and bent to allow the wishbone to move freely, We’re going to have to fix this.