Week 39: (June 27th 1999):

Man, it’s all the little things that take all of the time, let’s see if I can tell you what all happened this weekend.  I installed the hood, front headlights, headlight rims, side lights, hood support bar, wiper bezels, washer nozzles & associated hoses, handbrake console, knee pads, center support arch, radio, vented gas cap, rear vent line, aluminum valve cover (replaces the old orange metal one), brake and clutch rubber boots, handbrake grip, front foot carpets, tunnel cover carpet, recovered the metal glove box covers (w/ black vinyl).  From the top of my head, the following still needs to be done:

Front alignment, windscreen needs to be installed (it’s just sitting there right now), finish supporting the exhaust, grease two rear u-joints, install glove boxes, get the paint retouched where I’ve chipped it, install door glass, inner and outer glass scrapers, door panels, outer door handle, black trim, side and rear view mirrors, sun visors, glass handles, interior door handle bezel, and bleed the brakes.  Probably another weeks worth of work.  We’ll see.

Here are the photos, what do you think? Let me know!

Hood installed w/ headlights:

Steering wheel, handbrake cover, knee pads etc..:

Rear deck w/ seatbelts (and some speaker wires):

Radio installed: