Week 40: (July 5th 1999):

I do not have any photographs this week, sorry.  Anyhow, I noticed some gear grease on the floor underneath the rear differential this weekend as I was checking under the car.  The front pinion seal needs to be replaced.  Damn!  Why didn’t I do this when the differential was out of the car?  Now it’s all installed with the propeller shaft bolted up to it..  Crap…  Anyhow, I ordered a new pinion seal and unbolted the propeller shaft, followed the instructions in the Bentley manual and replaced the seal.  It is not leaking anymore!  This week I also had the windscreen professionally installed by the local speedy auto glass place.  They did quite a good job!  Other little tidbits were done like the sun visors, side view and rear view mirrors.  Another exciting thing happened and that is I drove the car for the first time.  Oh, this is going to be a lot of fun when it’s finished :).  However, The gas tank that is installed currently (the second one I have put in I might add)  has a leak around the seam where the float sensor is installed.  I have taken my spare fuel tank down to a local business that also refurbished my radiator.  I hope I can get the refurbished tank next week so I can install it.  Other things planned for next week include getting new tires installed and having the front end aligned.