Week 41: (July 11th 1999)

I did not get the gas tank back in time for this weekend so the leaky tank is still installed.  This will have to be done during the week.   I do have new tires installed as well as the front end has been aligned.  I asked the shop to bleed the brakes and they have informed me that the master cylinder is defective.  I have ordered a new unit and will install it as soon as I get the car back!  Last Wednesday after I got the car from the tires place I took the car to the painter.  The car is having it’s paint re-done in a few places (where I chipped it) as well as being buffed and wet sanded down in a few places.  I will post some photos of this later on in the week.  All that is left to be done is install the door glass, door trim, soft top, misc capping chrome, and the speakers.