Week 13: February 4th 2001

Busy weekend.  Saturday, while the car was at the body shop, I installed the rear tail lights, side lights, trunk prop, trunk seal, and other misc pieces.  Saturday evening I got the car over to my garage and finished a few things.  I got the pedals, master cylinders, and wiring harness installed as well as the rear UK spec bumper.

Sunday was a busy day.  I got the TR7 front suspension out and installed the V8 and transmission.  Here are pictures:

Left side shot, you can see the rear lights installed

Front side shot:

Front shot

Trunk shot

Rear right shot

Front shot, see the master cylinders?  😉

Closeup of cylinders

Pedals installed

One final shot of the engine on its dollies

Front TR7 suspension, wow, it came out easy!

Lift the car up!

Front shot:

Lower the car down (slowly)

All bolted in!

Transmission lines up!

Nice shiny headers

Front bumper and spoiler installed