Week 19: April 1st 2001:

Man oh man, what a busy weekend.  Let’s see, here’s the list:

I installed the radiator, radiator fan, thermostat
Installed the front fog lamps and wired power
Installed the coil
Finished hooking up all the fuel lines and fuel filters
bolted in the rear end
installed fuel tank heat shields
installed exhaust system
installed the mud flaps
installed the front braided brake hoses
Ran wire everywhere
Got new rear bump-stops from Rimmers installed


The front brake pads I bought don’t look to healthy, I’m taking those back so I couldn’t bleed the brakes.
I have to figure out how to do a rear handbrake.. I’ve got some ideas, stay posted.



Front Fogs:

Radiator Fan:

Heat shield, bump stop, exhaust:

Braided brake hose:

Painted rear drums, exhaust:

Left hand header is now installed.  The Right hand header needs to be modified to fit w/ the supra transmission: