Week 18: March 25th 2001

This weekend I installed the the rear axle & plumed up the fuel lines.  I put the rear tires on and lowered the car down onto the wheels so I could take the measurements necessary to have the drive shaft made.  I broke a few plastic clips (bugger) so I’m going to see if I can find a few of those around.  I have installed a TR8 Tach into my instrument panel so I have the correct red line.  I’ve now just got to finish a little bit of wiring which I plan on doing a little bit at a time after work this week.

Once I get the drive shaft installed, I plan on putting fluid in the transmission and then putting oil in the engine.   Finally, in the next few weeks or so, I will have to have the right hand header rebuilt so it’ll clear the transmission.  Argh!  There are a few photos at the bottom with the car on all four tires, It’s now back on jack stands because I need to get under the car and figure out how to get the hand brake working.

Woody’s ford axle conversion: (RH view):

LH view: (SPAX adjustable shocks installed w/ uprated 200lbs S&S Prep springs

Side profile view:

Front corner profile: