Week 26: June 10th 2001:

Ok, The rear suspension is sitting an inch to low.  I thought it might be the springs that I got from S&S prep so I installed uprated stock height springs from British Parts Northwest.  Still, the car sat an inch to low in the rear.  I swear it’s something to do with the ford rear end and the fact that the rear geometry has changed a little bit but Woody swears that it shouldn’t have.  Oh well.  To get to the correct ride height, my friend Mike machined for me two aluminum spacers.  These spacers slide over the spring mounts on the trailing arms and then the springs sit on these spacers.  I installed these this weekend and the rear end looks a lot better now.  The handbrake had worked its way loose, I’ve re-adjusted it and put in a lock washer, we’ll see if that makes a difference.  I’ve now isolated the front knocking sound to the front right brake pads moving about in the caliper, I’ve adjusted that and the noise has gone.  Several more issues to fix include dealing with the gas leak, I’ve ordered a newer filter to go inline between the tank and the pump.  This might deal with the issue.  That’ll go in on Monday.  The last issues are engine mixture (need to go to a shop) and figure out a nice hose to go between the AFM the intake plenum.  I plan on going to NAPA and look to see if I can find a radiator hose that has the correct angle molded into it.  Included this week are some of the suspension shots (before and after).  If I get the fuel issue dealt with this week, I’ll go to NAPA, get a hose, and adjust the mixture.  I’m debating on whether or not to go to Victoria BC this weekend for the car show.  It’s a trip though.

Shot of the rear suspension, look how low the car sits, these are low profile tires and they are almost up in the wheel well!

Jack up the rear end:

Remove the spring, install the aluminum spacer and replace the spring:

Back on the tires, the ride height is increased by about 1″

Another look from the other side, you can see how much better the car sits: