Week 31: August 5th 2001:

The radiator sprang a leak (the nylon rods that held the fan onto the radiator rubbed against the core causing the leak – Don’t do that… Use those nylon rods I mean).  So, I took this opportunity to  increase the car’s cooling ability.  I ditched the single 13″ pusher fan that I had installed on the front of the radiator and instead got myself two 10″ puller fans.  These fans combined will give me over 2000 CFM of air flow.  Since I didn’t want to use the nylon rods to attach the fans to the radiator, I went by the local hardware store and purchased (on the advise of Carl McIver) some aluminum angle stock.  Using this stock, I created a shroud that attached to the top and bottom of the radiator which then I screwed the fans to.  The following are some photographs of the shroud and the radiator assembly.

Radiator w/ the top and bottom brackets attached.  These are held in place by the rubber mounting bushings

Here are the cooling fans with the modified mounting brackets (the radiator was too tall to use the brackets supplied)

First test fit before riveting the unit together

Complete assembly, rubber pads have been glued under the brackets to protect the radiator

I modified the electrical plug of the first fan so both fans come off the same plug

Assembly installed in the car, plenty of clearance and plenty of air flow!