Week 32: September 9th 2001:

It’s been a little while since my last update.  I drove the car to the VTR in Breckenridge, CO and had a wonderful time meeting people from the list and making new friends.  The car pretty much ran OK but I had several issues.  The first one was that the car got very hot in the deserts of Utah.  The second issue was that the clutch throwout bearing broke and so shifting became almost impossible.   So, There are several options available to me for the overheating issue:  Water pump and better radiator.  I’ll have to get the car on the road first before I tackle these issues.  To get the car working again, I’m going to have to deal with the transmission & clutch.  I’ve been talking to a lot of people who have used a Toyota transmission, it appears that we have several options that need to be dealt with.  The throwout bearing is not properly supported by the transmission input shaft collar when the clutch is engaged.  Also, the bearing spins on the input shaft collar (is not pinned) generates heat and then binds.  I’m having a new input shaft collar machined which will increase the length by 3/4″ of an inch.  This will allow the bearing to be fully supported during its entire movement.   To solve the spinning bearing problem, I’ll install some pins into the bearing that will rest against the clutch fork.  This will stop the assembly from spinning.  I was able to remove the transmission without pulling the engine with help from Carl McIver

I almost didn’t get it in the garage.  It took several attempts to get the car into reverse…

Whoops..  Misjudged that suckers’ clearance.  That was caused by the flywheel….