Week 17: March 11th 2001

More wiring this weekend.  Front and rear fog lamp wiring installed.  I have hooked the fuel injection wiring harness into the main harness and installed the fuel pump inertia cutoff switch.  I hooked up the trunk light and the rear license plate lamps.  A hole was drilled into the bulkhead to allow the main battery lead to hookup to the starter motor.  The brake lines were all installed and the master cylinder was finally bolted on to the booster.  I installed the speedometer cable from the supra transmission and finally, the dashboard was installed.  I got the rear suspension components back from being powder coated.  If you take a look at the trailing arms, you notice that I welded on some sheet metal on the top of the arms.  this will greatly increase the stiffness of the arms.  I put poly bushings in the ends that will bolt onto the car and rubber where they bolt onto the rear end.  This was on the recommendation of the TR8 web site.

Dashboard installed: (RH view):

Dashboard installed, LH view:

Rear suspension components:

Sheet metal welded on to increase stiffness: