Week 35: (May 30th 1999)

Well, I have taken the pedals back out, I have decided to use DOT 5 silicone based fluid in the brake and clutch to prevent paint loss. However, for longevities sake, I will apply a rubber coating to the top shelf where the master cylinders are installed. This will prevent the paint from peeling if something ever does happen to the system. My goal for this memorial day weekend was to get the car running. This included installing the gas tank, fuel pump, hoses, carb, ignition system and all of that jazz. Things seemed to go rather well and I got the car running. Timing was next and the car really humms now!!!

Lesson Learned: VENT THE FUEL TANK!!! I imploded my fuel tank, had a spare though thank god….


NAPA fuel filter & fuel pump installed in the rear trunk compartment. The yellow wire is +12 from the engine

Side shot w/ weber DGAV carb:

Side shot w/ ignition installed:

Front view of engine compartment, carb, hoses, ignition:

Week 34: (May 23rd 1999)

Slowly putting everything together, Right now, I expect to have the engine running next weekend and have the car semi-finished in about 4 weeks. This week, the following was accomplished:

Heater controls installed as well as the heater. Front & Rear bumpers, body rubber, brake & clutch pedals.


In this photo you can see the heater controls, body rubber, steering column (w/ ignition):

This photo shows the wiper motor installed:

Hey, I finally installed the alternator:

Front photo, you can see the front bumper w/ licence plate holder & spoiler which is on the ground.

Week 33: (May 16th 1999)

This has been an eventful week! The body was dropped of during the week and so I got right to putting everything together.


Body being delivered:

Body placed ontop of chassis:

Another shot of the body on the chassis:

Body put up on ramps (to give me clearance to get underneath):

Rear lights and licence plate lamps all shined up with polish and installed w/ new gaskets:

Rear wiring harness installed::

I sandblasted the brake & clutch pedals, here is the brake pedal all painted up:

Front wiring harness all repaired

Front view of car up on ramps, front left valiance is installed:

Week 31: (May 2nd 1999)

Installed Radiator Shroud, Radiator, rubber gators on the steering rack, brake lines, & rocker cover.
I also went to check on the body of the spitfire this weekend and have some photos of the body in primer


Radiator Installed:

Radiator Fan & Installed Rocker cover:

Rear Brake lines installed:

Starter, See the blow valve installed where the mechanical fuel pump used to be? (I will install an electric pump)

Front of body:

Rear of body:

Interior of car:

Week 30: (Apr 25th 1999)

This was another eventful week. I installed the front suspension, engine, transmission, and drive shaft. It is really starting to look like a car now!

Front shock w/ compressed shock:

Front shock compressing tool:

Front shock installed with front axle hub:

Complete front suspension finished:

With the suspension complete, It’s time for the tires!!

I then installed the powertrain:

Week 29: (Apr 18th 1999)

This week I started to rebuild the frame and got quite a lot accomplished (or so I think). I was able to install the rear suspension, differential, axles, leaf spring. On the front side, I installed the a-arms and sway bar.

This page shows my progress and is quite graphically intensive (many photos). So here goes:

Installing front suspension towers:

Rear hand brake cable installed:

Rear differential installed:

Rear leaf spring installed:

Left rear axle installed:

Both axles installed:

Left Front a-arm installed:

Transmission mount and engine torque cable:

Front a-arms & sway bar installed:

Week 28: (Apr 11th 1999)

I had initially planned to start rebuilding the chassis this week but I didn’t get all the necessary nuts and bolts in time. Ahh, planning. So, Nothing happened. We’ll just have to wait until next week.

Week 27: (Apr 4th 1999)

I got the frame back this week!!!! British Racing Green and it looks good! So, I am setting up to get everything installed next weekend:

I have the following items ready to install:

Steering Rack
Sway Bar
Front suspension
Rear differential
Rear Axles
Handbrake Cable

Here is the frame: